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Recent Pros:


Teri Parker-Brown

Teri is in her third decade acting in voiceover, on camera and on stage.

She has done voiceover for Best Buy, Target, Blue Cross, Grand Casino, 3M, General Mills and many, many others. Recently in Sister Act at Chanhassen Theaters, she has performed at the Ordway Music Theater, Children’s Theater, Old Log, History Theater, and many others. She is represented by NUTS talent, ltd.


Payton Woodson

Besides his many years of voiceover work for such organizations as Famous Daves, the Minnesota Twins and many others, Payton has extensive stage and on-camera experience. He is represented by NUTs, Ltd.

At the White House, he received the Coming Up Taller Award on behalf of Pillsbury House Theatre’s acclaimed Chicago Avenue Project. He has performed around the U.S. and as far away as Nairobi, Kenya (in the role of Malcolm X, The Meeting).


John Wehrman

John is the "Baritone-Next-Door,” in his 28th year as a professional actor and voice talent.

Besides being a very experienced voice over talent represented by Moore Creative, John is a favorite coach of many School of Voiceover students and graduates.


Joe Lovitt

A versatile voice talent, comic and actor with extensive stage experience, Joe Lovitt started in the business as a producer.

Represented by top agency NUTS talent, Joe first made a name for himself throughout the Midwest by being a great family-friendly and flat-out funny comic.


Sarah Jones-Larson*

Sarah is in her fourth decade as a voiceover professional and actor, and is the founder and Executive Director of the School of Voiceover and Voice Results. She has coached thousands of live sessions.

Her voiceover students have been successful getting local, regional, and national VO work.


Dave Larson

Dave is the professional development core performance coach at the School of Voiceover. He has coached voice over students in three thousand sessions, and is the Dean of the School of Voiceover.

He also coaches improv, acting and stand-up, and works as a speaker and consultant advising small business, government and non-profits. He is the co-founder of the New Reality Delivery theater and improv organization.



Pros from Recent Expos:


Jason Vogen

Trained and represented by Kate Lawrence-Baker of Moore Creative Talent, Jason Vogen has had great success as a working voiceover talent in the Twin Cities.

Jason is popular as a coach with students both at the School of Acting and Voiceover and the Voice Acting Expo.


Paul Chapin

Founder and for 26 years the CEO and Executive Creative Director of Initio Advertising, Paul has directed hundreds of top voice talent and produced thousands of sessions.

If you want to learn how to win auditions, and find out why one talent is chosen over another, Paul is your man!


Heidi Fellner

Want to make money in voiceover? Talk to the best! Heidi is a top-earning voice over talent at NUTs ltd, and a longtime on-camera actor. She has been featured in national spots for Great Clips, Airborne, Radisson, Hotels.com, ING, Time Warner Cable and many others.

She has also appeared in movies such as The Invitation (2014), Fall Into Me (2006) and Lambent Fuse (2011).


Bruce Purcell

An Emmy-nominated director, former Actors Center of Los Angeles coach and Encore & Starz launch team producer, Bruce now coaches few Twin Cities talent after 30 years in LA.

Trained himself by greats such as Cliff Osmond and Tony Barr, Bruce is represented for Voiceover, on-camera and print by Moore Creative.


Karen Quale*

Karen is an owner of Audio Ruckus, one of the premier recording studios in the Twin Cities.

She landed her first studio gig right after recording school, and with her great directing abilities and top-notch engineering chops, she has cranked out a stellar product for top talent throughout the Midwest for decades.


Gary Groomes

Gary is a longtime stage and film actor with an incredible voice over career. He once did a single line VO spot that paid him $25,000/year for many years.

Gary worked with Don LaFontaine in LA, was a finalist for the role of George on Seinfeld, and has been the voice of Twins baseball in the Twin Cities.


Bill Cooper

Bill is a popular acting coach and longtime voice talent who has done dozens short and feature films, 150 television commercials and hundreds of industrial, corporate, print and voice-over projects.

He studied acting at The Actors Studio, and helps prepare School of Voiceover talent for on-camera as well as voice over work.


Michelle Hutchison

Michelle coaches at the Guthrie, Hennepin Theatre Trust, Concordia and elsewhere. She also works extensively in voiceover, stage, TV and film (including Fargo, My Best Friend's Wedding, Thin Ice and Factotum)

She is a writer, director and casting assistant of feature films, and has worked in comedy improvisational theatre and comedy clubs from Chicago to Los Angeles.


Gigi Jensen

Gigi has worked steadily in commercials and industrial films, as a voiceover and on-camera talent as well as writing scripts of every kind, and has lunched with Paul Newman, Glenn Close, Joanne Woodward, and A.E. Hotchner.


Ross Young

Ross, the voice on national voiceover campaigns such as the animated character for Airborne, is one of our most sought-after coaches. Besides his work as a voice talent, Ross is a well-known Twin Cities actor and director with extensive stage, on-camera, and improvisation experience represented by NUTS, Ltd.

Ross is well-known for directing and performing in Tony and Tina's Wedding in cities across the country for many years. He recently experience a remarkable recovery from a serious health event (StarTribune reporting here).


John Haynes*

John is the former talent acquisition agent at NUTs, ltd., and has worked in the industry as an on-camera and voice over talent as well as an actor, writer, director and keynote speaker.

John spent six years as director of The Brave New Institute, and is currently an instructor, writer, and director at The Actors Theater of Minnesota.


Eric Webster

Besides extensive national and local voice over work, actor, playwright and producer Eric Webster has been performing on stage and on camera for over 20 years.

He works as a Guthrie and History Theater Teaching Artist (coaching level 3 voice talent at the Guthrie, among other teaching work), and is a "Best Actor in a Musical 2010" award recipient.


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Pro Coaches from recent Expos:

Also, meet your • EngineersCoordinators

“Got an agent and
$750 for a 5-word spot
thanks to this training

“You don't want to miss the
chance to get in front of
these great coaches!”
—Ted S.

"Got an agent and made $3,000
on my first job!"

“The Expo significantly improved my performance.
-Tom S.

"Structured to my specific needs
by amazing professional instructors.

"The entire day was wonderfully organized, information packed, and FUN! I'm ready to do my demo now!"
-Jan E.

"Best workshop I've ever attended on any subject.

Recommended for anyone.

"No time is wasted. I went
away having learned a lot
and I wanted more."
-Karen J.

"I cannot imagine how anyone could succeed
without a workshop like this.

"The perspectives & tips from multiple coaches was excellent. I learned more than I thought I would.

I highly recommend
this workshop and want
to do it again."
-Steve B.

"Learned what my last coach DIDN'T teach me.

A big help in updating my current demo.

"Getting in front of several successful voice over talents and coaches was invaluable."
-David O.

"I have a much better grasp on
what it takes to be a VO talent now.

"All my one-on-ones were
very helpful and encouraging. Hearing others coached was
very helpful too."
-Courtney M.

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Pros At Upcoming & Recent Expos:


Tom Larson*

Tom is a voiceover talent agent at Moore Creative Talent Agency, along with Kate Lawrence-Baker.

He is also a speech coach at Fridley High School and community theater director at Fridley community theater.


Lee H. Adams

Actor, voice talent, comic and accomplished playwright, Lee founded the interactive dinner theater Mystery Cafe and was for 26 years owner and creative director. Many Twin Cities actors have worked for him. He is represented for voiceover by Moore Creative, and is the voice of the St. Paul Saints.


Tom Lindquist

Tom is the recipient of 7 awards including an Audio – Post-Production Emmy (2006, Upper Midwest).

He has been producing, directing voice sessions and making demos for nearly 30 years for seasoned and aspiring voice-talent. His client list includes Coke • McDonalds • Disney • New Line Cinema • Sony Pictures • Visa and Verizon.


Jim Cada

Jim has been the Guthrie’s Voice Over instructor for the past six seasons. He has worked nationally in film, radio, television and industrial voiceovers for over thirty years.

Film acting credits include A Serious Man, North Country and Factotum, and in stage acting Othello, A Midsummer Night's Dream (tour) and Great Expectations.


Jim Schnobrich

Jim is a top pro at the Audio Ruckus studio. From dialog recording for Academy Award nominated films to radio and TV commercials to corporate videos, Jim has 10+ years of experience producing, directing and engineering voiceover.

He has the ears and technical abilities to make any project and any talent shine.


Kate Lawrence-Baker*

Kate has for seven years been the primary voiceover talent agent at Moore Creative. She has also taught voiceover at the Guthrie Theater (level 1 and 2), and at previous Voice Acting Expos.

She formerly worked closely with Garrison Keillor as his Script Coordinator on Prairie Home Companion.


Joe Weismann

Coach, voice talent (demo), copywriter and ad agency owner, Joe can educate talent on all parts of the voiceover ecosystem.

Through his Minneapolis ad agency, Shout Radio Productions + Shout Creative, Joe is also a radio ad agency partner. He is represented in Minneapolis by The Wehmann Agency.


Gary Bingner*

Gary Bingner has coached hundreds and hundreds of pro talent as President and Creative Director of Quasimodo Advertising and is also a working talent himself since 1985.

Gary has done radio and TV voiceovers and man-on-the-street commercials for companies like Best Buy, Target, Comcast, Chipotle and many other names he'll gladly drop on request


Nancy Crocker

Nancy in an experienced voice talent, coach and actor. She has done countless radio and TV commercials, five films, dozens of plays, and innumerable corporate films.

She is also the author of several works, now in her third decade as a novelist.


Scott Jorgenson

Scott is in his second decade working in voice over, TV, theater, print, improv and comedy.

He is well known for spending a month in a glass apartment inside the Mall of America as the “Human Doing.” He got his start when his sixth audition ever landed a national TV commercial .. wearing nothing but a speedo swimsuit!


Dawn Krosnowski

Besides being a longtime voice talent and coach, Dawn is an actress (IMDB listing) performing in commercial, theater, film and industrial. She is also a dancer and versatile model, including hand modeling.

She is represented by NUTs, ltd. and Moore Creative Talent, inc.


Celia Siegel*

Celia Siegel can grow your voice over career, and develop and market your brand to agents, producers and casting directors coast to coast.

Contact this celebrated voice over coach, consultant, and manager to discuss your next career move, and benefit from her experience as a former top voice talent agent in LA, Minneapolis and San Francisco.


Specials Until Sold Out:

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As low as $99! with code: LASTCHANCE
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Pros in upcoming and past Expos:

Adams, Lee* Johnson, Laura* Quale, Karen*
Auger, Ross Jones-Larson, Sarah* Radtke, Kurt
Benachour, Malika Jorgenson, Scott Reinke, Wilson
Bingner, Gary* Kinnear-Ohlmann, Kristen Schnobrich, Jim
Blackmon, Angela Klopp, Trevor Shoessler, Tom
Bouchie, Ryan Krosnowski, Dawn Simpson, Alex
Byrne, Mike Larson, Dave Siegel, Celia*
Cada, James Larson, Sandra Spaise, Stephen
Chaplin, Beth Larson, Tom* Spangler, Ted
Cooper, Bill Lawrence-Baker, Kate* Spongberg, Susan
Crocker, Nancy Lee, Andrew Vandenberg, Kevin
Ensminger, Phil Linder, Issac Venard, Shirley
Farrell, John Lindquist, Tom Vogen, Jason
Fellner, Heidi Longworth, Jake Washburn, Dave
Goodman, Len Lovitt, Joe Wasylik, David
Groomes, Gary Maas, Jeff Weismann, Joe*
Haynes, John* Mitchum, Rob Webster, Eric
Horwath, Jerry* Nene, John Wehrman, John
Hubbell, Charles Mulder, Sara Wilczek, Lori
Hutchison, Michelle Mundahl, Thomas
Jensen, Gigi Oehler, Olivia Woodson, Payton
  Purcell, Bruce Young, Ross

bold = Coaches
italics = Talent Coordinators
• = Engineers

*owners or agents


Jerry Horwath*

Jerry owns voice talent agency VoiceBox Talent, where he strives to build a world class talent roster and connect them with fortune 500 companies.

He is a co-founder of Buzz Cutz Audio, providing world-class audio production and recording services including some of the finest voiceover reels in the country.


David Wasylik

How tough is it to start in voiceover? Ask David! He is one of our most successful graduates, now a successful voiceover talent doing hundreds of spots at Moore Creative.

He has come to Voice Acting Expos for additional training—proving that Expos are great for both working pros and beginners! He works closely with director and engineer Kurt Radtke.


Shirley Venard*

Meet the voice of such advertising icons as Borden’s Elsie the Cow and General Mills’ Betty Crocker! Shirley has also had a rich and vibrant career on stage, film, television, and radio.

As a founding member of Lipservice Talent Guild, Shirley set the standard for Twin Cities’ voiceover actors, and practically invented the art of the voice over in the Twin Cities.


Specials Until Sold Out:

ALL Access: Click for more info

As low as $99! with code: LASTCHANCE
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Pros From Past Trainings and Events:


Beth Chaplin

Beth's extensive voice-over/ on camera portfolio includes hundreds of radio and TV commercials and over a thousand industrial and corporate training programs to date.

She is the author of The Acting Biz: A Career Guide to the Twin Cities, and a founder of the Twin Cities Actor Expo


Susan Spongberg

Susan has worked in all aspects of the Twin Cities voice over industy, as an agent, talent and instructor. Her energetic coaching style is very popular with School of Voiceover students.

Comedy improv is also in her background, performing with the Brave New Institue. She is also a radio announcer at Jazz 88.


Len Goodman

Len is a fun instructor and student favorite, currently represented by NUTs, Ltd.

Len is also the founder and senior graphic designer at Len Goodman Graphic Design, and in his second decade as creative director at Portage Marketing


Charles Hubbell

Charles is an actor, director, performs voice, stage, puppetry, and more, and is the voiceover agent at Agency Models and talent.

He has ridden horses and swung swords, traveled to London and Bucharest to play an infamous Nazi, and worked in action projects doing fight choreography and stunts.


Laura Johnson*

Laura is the managing agent and owner of NUTs, a talent agency representing many of theTwin Cities most skilled talent.

Prior to working full time at NUTS, she made her living as an on-camera and voice-over talent, and has performed with many of the Twin City's theater companies.


Geanette Poole*

Geanette is the owner of Talent Poole, representing hundreds of skilled Twin Cities talent.

Geanette is a very generous and popular coach, forthright with her guidance drawing on her incredible experience helping hundreds and hundreds of performers build their careers.


John Farrell

John is one of the most experienced and busiest voices in the industry.

His thousands of vocal credits include work on everything from national television and radio advertising to documentaries, corporate video and even character voices for cartoons and claymation shows.

Pros marked with an * are agency founders, owners or agents.


Specials Until Sold Out:

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Specials Until Sold Out:

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As low as $99! with code: LASTCHANCE
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