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“Got an agent and made $3,000 on my first job!”

“The Expo significantly improved my performance.
—Tom S

“Structured to my specific needs by amazing professional instructors.

“The entire day was wonderfully organized, information packed, and FUN! I’m ready to do my demo now!”
—Jan E

“Best workshop I've ever attended on any subject. Recommended for anyone.

“No time is wasted. I went
away having learned a lot
and I wanted more.”
—Karen J.

“I cannot imagine how anyone could succeed without a workshop like this.

“The perspectives & tips from multiple coaches was excellent. I learned more than I thought I would.

I highly recommend
this workshop and want
to do it again.”
—Steve B.

“Learned what my last coach DIDN’T teach me. A big help in updating my current demo.

“Getting in front of several successful voice over talents and coaches was invaluable.”
—David O.

“I have a much better
grasp on what it takes to
be a VO talent now.

“All my one-on-ones were
very helpful and encouraging. Hearing others coached was
very helpful too.”
—Courtney M.

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Trevor Klopp

Trevor is an On-Air Talent and Production Director at several Minneapolis radio stations and an active musician. He graduated from St. Cloud State University with a Bachelors Degree in Mass Communications.


Jake Longworth

A returning session engineer for the 2017 Voice Acting Expo, Jake is also the primary engineer for the School of Acting and Voiceover in St. Louis Park, and in December 2017, he and his wife Heidi became a family of three with the birth of Megan Longworth.


Sara Mulder

Sarah is the Lead Engineer for the Voice Acting Expo, and is a voice talent with Caryn International, on-camera actor and media and public relations specialist.

Currently training at the School of Acting and Voiceover, she is also a frequent attendee to the Voice Acting Expo.


Dave Washburn

Dave is a voice over talent, engineer and broadcaster, School of Voiceover graduate, trained at Hennepin Technical College and does freelance voice over from his home studio.


Ross Auger

Ross is a full time in-house designer and former live sound engineer for the School of Rock. He trained at the Institute of Production and Recording in Audio Engineering. Photo Cred: Caleb Timmerman


Jeff Maas

Jeff is a voice talent represented by NUTS, ltd., and voice over engineer who specializes in audiobooks. He has been a theater actor for over 20 years..

Jeff currently has twelve audiobooks he produced and performed himself that are currently available or in production.


Vicki VandeHay

Vicki is a voice talent and Senior Database Specialist with degrees from Augsburg and Bethany Lutheran College.

Engineers from Recent Events:



Malika Benachour

Malika has engineered for both School of Voiceover classes and Voice Acting Expos.

A language authority in four languages and occasional voice talent, she keeps busy as a Language Department Chair and mom.


Wilson Reinke

Wilson assists engineers with recording and mixing at Transient Audio and is an electrical apprentice at MW Wireworks.


Kevin Vandenberg

A longtime voice talent at Voicebox Talent (demo) who has performed at Audio Ruckus, Kevin is a principal engineer and assistant coach at the Voice Acting Expo and audio engineer for the School of Voiceover.

Kevin is also a Photographer at Eclectic Studios, Inc. and Principal Software Architect at Navitaire.


Matthew Gramlich

Matt is the CFO at TreeSpeak Studios where he also engineers. He trained at the Institute of Production and Recording in Audio Production and Engineering


Ryan Bouchie

Ryan is an audio engineer specializing in audio/video editing, animation/motion graphics, logo design, and branding. He has worked as an electronics installation specialist and DJ.


Ted Spangler

Ted is an experienced engineer and a working voice talent represented by Moore Creative.

He is a graduate of the School of Acting and voiceover, and a frequent attendee to the Voice Acting Expo.



Robert Mitchem

Engineer, producer, composer and musician at Syrka Entertainment, and regular engineer for the School of Voiceover in St. Louis Park.


Mike Byrne

Mike is a Producer, Recording and Mixing Engineer at Transient Audio. He trained as a Studio Manager at Hennepin Technical College.


Gleason Glover

Gleason is a voice talent, on-camera actor and well-known Twin Cities entreprenuer.

Currently training at the School of Acting and Voiceover, he is also a frequent attendee to the Voice Acting Expo.


Phil Ensminger

Former lead engineer for the Voice Acting Expo and the School of Voiceover, Phil has worked in and out of a dozen Minneapolis/St. Paul studios recording and editing the voices of hundreds of talented people.

He also works in in web, music, video and graphics.


Kurt Radtke

Kurt is our longest-running and one of our most experienced engineers. He has also worked closely with top local VO pro David Wasylik.

He also takes on the role of Director, Editor, Director of Photography, Sound Editor, Writer, and Animator at Tiny Coyote productions.


Alex Simpson

Engineer Alex Simpson came to powerhouse studio Audio Ruckus with a Journalism B.A. from the University of Minnesota and multiple years of experience as an engineer at KUOM (Radio K). He is also a musician and spends his free time recording music.


John Nene

John is an engineer and talented voice actor who trained at the School of Acting and voiceover.


Andrew Lee

Andrew is producer and co-host of Up And At 'em, KTLK's morning show, at Clear Channel Communications, Inc.


Phillip Klejwa

A session engineer for the 2016 Winter Voice Acting Expo, Phillip is Co-Owner of Dual Digital Media Production, and trained at Hennepin Technical College

Specials Until Sold Out:

ALL Access: Click for more info

As low as $99! with code: LASTCHANCE
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Coaches from Recent Events
Who are also Engineers:



Jim Schnobrich

Jim is a top pro at the Audio Ruckus studio. From dialog recording for Academy Award nominated films to radio and TV commercials to corporate videos, Jim has 10+ years of experience producing, directing and engineering voiceover.

He has the ears and technical abilities to make any project and any talent shine


Jerry Horwath*

Jerry strives to build a world class talent roster and connect them with fortune 500 companies via his Voice Talent Agency VoiceBox Talent.

He is a co-founder of Buzz Cutz Audio, providing world-class audio production and recording services including some of the finest voiceover reels in the country.

Pros in upcoming and past Expos:

Adams, Lee* Johnson, Laura* Quale, Karen*
Auger, Ross Jones-Larson, Sarah* Radtke, Kurt
Benachour, Malika Jorgenson, Scott Reinke, Wilson
Bingner, Gary* Kinnear-Ohlmann, Kristen Schnobrich, Jim
Blackmon, Angela Klopp, Trevor Shoessler, Tom
Bouchie, Ryan Krosnowski, Dawn Simpson, Alex
Byrne, Mike Larson, Dave Siegel, Celia*
Cada, James Larson, Sandra Spaise, Stephen
Chaplin, Beth Larson, Tom* Spangler, Ted
Cooper, Bill Lawrence-Baker, Kate* Spongberg, Susan
Crocker, Nancy Lee, Andrew Vandenberg, Kevin
Ensminger, Phil Linder, Issac Venard, Shirley
Farrell, John Lindquist, Tom Vogen, Jason
Fellner, Heidi Longworth, Jake Washburn, Dave
Goodman, Len Lovitt, Joe Wasylik, David
Groomes, Gary Maas, Jeff Weismann, Joe*
Haynes, John* Mitchum, Rob Webster, Eric
Horwath, Jerry* Nene, John Wehrman, John
Hubbell, Charles Mulder, Sara Wilczek, Lori
Hutchison, Michelle Mundahl, Thomas
Jensen, Gigi Oehler, Olivia Woodson, Payton
  Purcell, Bruce Young, Ross

bold = Coaches
italics = Talent Coordinators
• = Engineers

*owners or agents

Engineers from Past Events:



Stephen Spaise

In addition to production and recording projects, Stephen mixes live sound for Jawaahir Dance Company, Indian Music Society of MN and Ethnic Dance Theater, and plays percussion with On the Way To Uskudar, Amwaaj, Dan Rein and previously at the MN Renaissance Festival.


Isaac Terentius Linder

Isaac is Senior Interactive Designer at Medicom Health Interactive where he creates compelling media content with sound, video and 2D/3D animation. He studied Graphic Design at Hennepin Technical College and was our first engineer.


‎John Michaels

A graduate of Brown College, John is a longtime musician with the band Drama Queen and has worked in Twin Cities radio for many years where he and Sarah first worked together.


‎Tom Schoessler

A graduate of School of Voiceover, Tom is a working voice talent represented by Talent Poole under the name Tom Shoe.


Thomas Mundahl

Thomas is an engineer, artist and musician, graphic designer and animator, husband and father.


Joshua Gebhart

Currently a Producer and On-Air Talent iHeart Media, and formerly with Cumulus Broadcasting, Ingstad Broadcasting and Citadel Broadcasting.


Don Strong

Don is Executive Producer/Director at DSP Media Production/Consulting and is a popular Twin Cities Jazz Musician. He studied Film at Minneapolis Community and Technical College and has also performed improv with Dave Larson

Specials Until Sold Out:

ALL Access: Click for more info

As low as $99! with code: LASTCHANCE
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Photos from Past Voice Acting Expos: