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Job Funding —Get your Training Paid For!

“Got an agent and made $3,000
on my first job!”

“The Expo significantly improved my performance.
—Tom S

“Got an agent and my 1st paying
gig thanks to this training

“You don't want to miss the
chance to get in front of
these great coaches!”
—Ted S.

“One of the best workshops
I have ever attended
on any subject.

“No time is wasted. I went
away having learned a lot
and I wanted more.”
—Karen J.

“I cannot imagine how anyone could succeed without a workshop like this.

“The perspectives & tips from multiple coaches was excellent. I learned more than I thought I would.

I highly recommend
this workshop and want
to do it again.”
—Steve B.

“Learned what my last coach DIDN’T teach me. A big help in updating my current demo.

“Getting in front of several successful voice over talents and coaches was invaluable.”
—David O.

“I have a much better
grasp on what it takes to
be a VO talent now.

“All my one-on-ones were
very helpful and encouraging. Hearing others coached was
very helpful too.”
—Courtney M.

Voiceover training from School of Voiceover has been approved for Training funding in Minnesota by several organizations.

Many students have received job funding.

Several students on Minnesota Unemployment benefits have successfully gotten funding for training through Workforce. Overall, students who have received reimbursement have started their search at one of these websites:

Please remember: We do not update this information unless we hear that it is out of date. We can NOT contact organizations on your behalf. We do NOT know what organizations require. We do not know anything about organizations or their requirements other than what hear from students or what we learn when the organizations contact us.

We do hear that there can be bureaucracy to navigate, and there is no guarantee you will be funded, but why not check it out?

We DO help students receive funding by being responsive to organizations that contact us. But you have to find, contact and make arrangements with different organizations yourself, and then give them our contact information if they ask for it.

For example, when a MN Workforce counselor contacts us we provide whatever info they ask for. We are not an accredited school, but every kind of training we provide has been funded at some point. (This is acting training. No one is guaranteed work as an actor.) Sometimes the process has been that student pays upfront and when we receive the check, the student receives reimbursement.

Here are some examples of students who have been funded through different organizations:

Click the images below to enlarge (pdf):





JFCS administers a number of scholarship funds for post-secondary education (after high school), no religious affiliation required ("JFCS is committed to the inclusion of all people"). If you are interested in applying for any of these funds, download and complete the Scholarship Application. Then submit it, along with three letters of recommendation and your most recent academic transcript to:
Attn: Scholarship
13100 Wayzata Boulevard, Suite 400,
Minnetonka, MN 55305.

Applications are accepted Nov. 1 through May 31 each year.

For More Information Contact:
Dana Rubin, Development Director
952-542-4803 | drubin (at) jfcsmpls (dot) org

For individual career counseling, contact
Leah Temkin, Program Manager, Career Development
952-417-2108 | ltemkin (at) jfcsmpls (dot) org


Specials Until Sold Out:

ALL Access: Click for more info

As low as $99! with code: LASTCHANCE
Questions? Let's Talk!

Call any time for any reason
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