voice results Whoa! Minnesota Hotel Monopoly TRIPLES Rates...

How I'll Keep Your Prices Low...
Even After My Rates TRIPLED

Update: We'll be at the DoubleTree St. Louis Park May 20. Even though they charge even more than the Sheraton, high event signups have forced to find more rooms.

► Marriott tripled meeting room rates after they bought Sheraton. They now own a majority of convention hotels here and elsewhere (says this article) so they're raising rates worldwide.

But because I've been charging you at near my cost, something has to change. Here's what I'm going to do:

Step 1: I'll eat the difference
... for now.

Register for any Expo below with promo code LASTCHANCE and I'll pay the difference. Meaning you'll still get the same amazing, super-low price I've always charged. The lowest-cost, recorded on-mic 1-on-1 training with real pros anywhere. Click either a colored date button or yellow circled calendar date below to do that now. (And remember to enter promo code LASTCHANCE and click the "Apply" button!)

voice results

Even though I only got a few weeks notice on what these new rates would be, I'm giving you more time to adapt. (Also, I might offer a very early bird special at the super-low price for a limited number of tickets for some events.)

Step 2: I've added LOTS more
training and options.

Remember, the Voice Acting Expo has been not just the lowest cost, but also the best voiceover training for beginners, pros and everyone in between for years. Just check out our list of pros here, dozens of the best, such as: all the Guthrie's voiceover coaches, agents or owners from Moore Creative Talent, NUTs, Audio Ruckus, Shout Creative, VoiceBox Talent, Talent Poole, Quasimodo​ Advertising, ​producers, directors, top talent, two emmy nominees and more. (Our latest additions Emmy-nominated director, Actors Center of Los Angeles coach and Encore & Starz launch team producer Bruce Purcell and the amazing Lee H. Adams and Diana Wilde! )

Until recently, you could only take four recorded training sessions. Now you can choose up to seven sessions. The more training you take, the less the increase in room rates affects the overall ticket price.

Step 3: The great free stuff
STAYS free for most of you.

The fun and easy morning improv for beginners to get you loose and warmed up will still be completely free to everyone for now. And I'll keep the 90 minutes end-of-day event with the coaches free ... for a little longer. Tell your friends to come soon if they want this deal!

The end of day is when I've always brought all the coaches—and sometimes a special guest—together to meet you, take your questions, etc. at what has come to be called the backstage event.

Based on the new rates and what I pay pros to come and meet you (yep, I pay them full rates to meet you), if I were to put the backstage event on separately, it would cost me between $625 and $900. And yet I've never charged paying attendees extra for this as an option before.

In the future, for those that choose five, six, or seven coaching sessions, it will still be free, AND I'll give you two tickets to bring friends backstage for free! Plus, I'll be expanding the backstage with coaches event to give you even more during that time, such as a live performance (stay tuned!).

Finally, so that I can still offer a super-low-price option, you'll be able to to choose between either 4 recorded training sessions or 3 sessions plus 90 minutes backstage with the coaches for a really low price. We just can't offer this terrific $600-$900 event free with every ticket anymore :(

Step 4: Ask me for anything!
I'll make it happen if I can.

As many of you know, even if you can only attend for 30 minutes, I can often get you a 1-on-1 recorded training session with a top pro coach for an ultra-low price that fits your schedule. My husband Dave and I are in this to make great training voiceover available to everyone!

So if you've got a conflict on any particular date, or a special request, just ask us and we can probably make something great happen for you :)

– Sarah and Dave Larson
Founder and Executive Director,
Voice Acting Expo, School of Voiceover
(612) 605-8843

P.S. Remember, to get the old, super-low prices, use promo code LASTCHANCE and click either a colored date button or yellow circled calendar date below now. (And remember to click the "Apply" button after entering LASTCHANCE!)

voice results

How bad are rates now? The smallest meeting room (8-person round table) now costs 50% MORE than the what the ballroom used to cost us (120 people at 15 round tables).

How good are our coaches? Voiceover agencies that have sent their owners or agents to train at Voice Acting Expos include:
• NUTS, Ltd. (Owner and agent)
• Moore Creative Talent, Inc. (Two agents)
• Talent Poole (Founder and agent)
• Voicebox talent (Owner and agent)
• LipService Talent (Founder)

Other owners that have come to train include • Karen Quale (Audio Ruckus) • Gary Bingner (Quasimodo Advertising) • Joe Weismann (Shout Creative) • Carr Hagerman (Top Performer Academy) • Celia Siegel (Siegel Management) • Lee H. Adams (Mystery Cafe)

Guthrie coaches that train at the Expo include • James Cada • Michelle Hutchison • Eric Webster • Kate Lawrence-Baker. Emmy winners or nominees that come to train include • Bruce Purcell • Tommy Lindquist. Other agents and top coaches that have trained here include • Beth Chaplin • Charles Hubbell.

Directions to the 2017 Voice Acting Expo
Held at the DoubleTree 394 & 100 off Park Place

1500 Park Pl Blvd, Minneapolis, MN 55416 Phone: (952) 542-8600

Room layoutOther hotels nearby Directions to DoubleTree 394 & 100 off Park Place:

From Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport:

Depart Airport to west I-494, exit north on Highway 100, exit west on I-394, take first exit at Park Place Boulevard and go to stoplight. Turn left at stoplight and take overpass to hotel on right.

From I-35W Southbound/Northbound:

Exit I-94 west, then exit on I-394 west, take the Highway 100 south/Park Place Boulevard exit. Exit at Park Place Boulevard, turn left at stoplight and take overpass to hotel on right.

From I-94 Eastbound (from St. Cloud):

Take I-494 south, exit I-394 east, exit at Park Place Boulevard, turn right at stoplight, to hotel on right. From I-94 Westbound (From St. Paul): Exit I-394 west, take the Highway 100 south/Park Place Boulevard Exit, exit at Park Place Boulevard, turn left at stoplight and take overpass to hotel on right.

From I-694 Eastbound/Westbound:

Take Highway 100 south, exit west on I-394, take first exit Park Place Boulevard, turn left at stoplight, overpass to hotel on right.

From Airport :

494 West to Hwy 100N, Hwy 100N to 394W to Park Place/Xenia exit, turn left Follow two blocks. Hotel on the Right Side.

Airport Van Shuttle Information: Super Shuttle: 612-827-7777 or 1-800-BLUE-VAN

Bus Transportation Information: www.metrotransit.org

(join us for Dinner in the restaurant afterwards!)
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