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“The workshop significantly improved my performance.

“I've already signed up for another workshop and full class. Incredibly friendly and motivating coaches.”
—Tom S.

“Got an agent and my 1st paying
gig thanks to this training

“You don't want to miss the
chance to get in front of
these great coaches!”
—Ted S.

“One of the best workshops
I have ever attended
on any subject.

“No time is wasted. I went
away having learned a lot
and I wanted more.”
—Karen J.

“I cannot imagine how anyone could succeed without a workshop like this.

“The perspectives & tips from multiple coaches was excellent. I learned more than I thought I would.

I highly recommend
this workshop and want
to do it again.”
—Steve B.

“Learned what my last coach DIDN’T teach me. A big help in updating my current demo.

“Getting in front of several successful voice over talents and coaches was invaluable.”
—David O.

“I have a much better
grasp on what it takes to
be a VO talent now.

“All my one-on-ones were
very helpful and encouraging. Hearing others coached was
very helpful too.”
—Courtney M.

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